Mining in Africa: Adjusting to the “New Normal”

In this Veracity Insight, Steven Fox and Stewart Kelly address the key themes that emerged at this year’s Investing in African Mining Indaba conference, namely the necessity for mining investors to build strong government relationships while remaining cognizant of constrained budgets, the decline of strongman politics in Africa, and Japan’s growing presence on the continent. As the authors note, investors can protect their assets by making a few prudent adjustments to this “new normal.” Mining in Africa – Adjusting to the New Normal.


In this Veracity Insight, our Senior Advisor in Nigeria, Mary Ellen Havlik, and New York-based Director, Yaël Eisenstat, consider the Nigerian investment environment nine months into Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency. As the authors point out, Buhari’s commitment to attracting foreign investment, rooting out corruption, and diversifying the Nigerian economy is already evident, suggesting that despite persistent challenges facing Nigeria — namely, Boko Haram, the worldwide drop in oil prices, and weak emerging market growth rates — now is an opportune time to establish a presence in the country. Dispatch from Abuja: Buhari Making Good on Campaign Promises, Signaling a Pro-Investment Future in Nigeria.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Vietnam After the 2016 Party Congress

In this article, Veracity Associate Linh Nguyen develops an outlook for Vietnam’s 2016 Party Congress, describing three potential political scenarios and their subsequent implications for foreign investors with an interest in the Southeast Asian nation. The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Vietnam After the 2016 Party Congress.

Mixed blessings for investors in end of strongman politics

In this piece for This is Africa, Managing Director Stewart Kelly discusses the decline of strongman politics in Africa, outlining the challenges investors may face operating in jurisdictions experiencing a rise in governance standards. Mixed Blessings for Investors in End of Strongman Politics.

Dispute Resolution After the TPP Trade Agreement

In this piece for Corporate Counsel, Associate Director and Legal Counsel Barbara Yu Levy examines how the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement’s Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism ensures a degree of protection to corporations in the event of litigation with a host country, but also carries its own implications that any investor would be wise to understand in advance. Dispute Resolution After the TPP Trade Agreement.

In Scandal’s Wake, Business Changes in Brazil

In this update on the ongoing Petrobras corruption scandal, Associate Director Christian Perlingiere explains how that scandal and similar events have not only increased public demand for transparency and accountability among Brazilian politicians and business leaders, but also led to greater scrutiny of non-Brazilian firms, necessitating unprecedented levels of compliance and due diligence by investors with operations in the country. In Scandal’s Wake, Business Changes in Brazil.