Regional Advisor for Latin America Keith Martin moderated a panel discussion at the Pacific Alliance Energy Forum (PAEF), which convened in Cartagena, Colombia, to discuss energy market opportunities and increased regional engagement between the Alliance’s member states (Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile). Executives from various Latin America-focused financial, investment, and energy companies discussed themes related to energy projects in the region, including how to best assess the potential value of a given investment vis-à-vis anti-corruption and reputation-risk-related concerns.


Associate Director Christian Perlingiere discussed the shifting political landscapes and their impact on foreign investors in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico as part of a panel on Latin America hosted by the American Chemical Society.


The Global African Investment Summit – London

The Global African Investment Summit brought together African heads of state, business leaders, and some of the largest foreign investors focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. Veracity CEO Steven Fox co-hosted a workshop discussion with Cherie Blair CBE, QC on the ​legal and strategic dimensions of operating successful investments in fragile environments. Steven also featured on a private equity panel, sharing his views on risk mitigation for large private equity investments in Africa.

Annual Conference: International Bar Association – Vienna, Austria

Veracity CEO Steven Fox attended the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association, serving as a panelist in a session on the challenges natural resources investors face in building effective relations with governments, communities, and other key stakeholders.

15th Risk Mitigation & CSR Seminar – Toronto, Canada

Veracity CEO Steven Fox delivered remarks at the 15th Risk Mitigation & CSR Seminar, hosted by the Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business. Steven discussed mitigation strategies for the range of potential investment “landmines” in the mining sector.

Governance Trends in Africa – Shell, London

London-based Managing Director Stewart Kelly discussed the emerging trend of accountable governance in Africa and its implications for Shell as part of a series on global trends organized by the Shell Scenarios Team.