Automotive and Transportation Intelligence

Veracity’s automotive and transportation practice helps clients to navigate unprecedented challenges and mitigate attendant risks as the industry transitions from fossil fuels to electric energy. Combining our proven track record in strategic intelligence with deep industry knowledge from expert sources, Veracity specializes in:

  • Competitive Intelligence, Pre-Deal Due Diligence, and Market-Entry Strategy
    With favorable governmental policies and a boom in innovation, an unsustainable number of new entrants have joined the automotive and transportation industries in recent years. It has never been more critical to vet potential business partners before entering into new agreements or acquiring interests. We help clients to assess key players, market-specific risks, suppliers, and regions.
  • Political, Regulatory, and Supply Chain Risks
    We help manufacturers and suppliers as they try to secure critical resources concentrated in regions fraught with political disruption, regulatory uncertainties, and environmental risks.

Industry experts

  • Dr. Andy Palmer
  • Timothy D. Smith