Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have taken center stage for operating companies, investors, and stakeholders worldwide. Especially for global businesses, accurate tracking of ESG performance and an understanding of risk factors is key across jurisdictions and throughout the supply chain. Since its inception, Veracity has specialized in assessing many of the issues that now fall under this umbrella.

Veracity is uniquely qualified to help firms tackle complex ESG issues. Our team and advisors possess:


» A long track record and skills examining firms’ human rights and labor practices;


» Unique capabilities to investigate allegations of bribery, corruption, and inadequate          governance;


» Unparalleled on-the-ground source networks to understand first-hand the full range of      ESG concerns;


» Unique capabilities to identify issues of potential ESG concern whether in supply              chains, infrastructure, or the operations of a potential partner.


Our offerings are tailored to each individual client and include the following specific services:


» Stakeholder mapping
• Identifying and mapping ESG-relevant stakeholders
• Assessing stakeholder interests and expectations
• Aiding firms to develop stakeholder engagement strategies


» ESG evaluation
• Operating companies
• Prospective investors
• M&A targets
• Competitors
• Supply chains


» Independent assessment of firms’ self-reported practices


» Getting to the bottom of “green-washing” allegations


» Understanding ESG-related regulatory conditions, regulatory requirements, and                operational practicalities, especially in opaque jurisdictions


We would be pleased to discuss examples of our ESG work, which is drawn from more than 2,000 projects, in more than 140 countries, since Veracity’s inception in 2007.