We understand that sometimes you need strategic advice and sometimes you need on-the-ground facts. Most often – you need both.

Our service is unique. We combine the expertise and insight of a strategic advisor with the resourcefulness and rigor of an investigator. So at every stage of your process, you can rely on us.

  • Market Entry Process Veracity Offerings
  • Assess

    Country and Sector Risk Profiles
    Case Study Analysis
    Risk Management Strategy
  • Plan

    Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
    Local Partner Due Diligence
    Political and Operational Risk Mitigation
  • Implement

    Anti-Corruption Support
    Operational Problem-Solving
    Political Monitoring

How We Do It

Impenetrable Issues

When faced with a complex and opaque issue in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, our clients come to us for a detailed understanding of the problem and a clear basis for action.

Veracity Methodology

We disassemble the problem by subjecting it to a rigorous analytic methodology. Our process combines a contextual understanding of the jurisdiction and sector, along with relevant information obtained from a variety of open and proprietary sources.

Client Action

Our teams of analysts distill the information and identify the key risk factors only where they exist. We present our findings and advice in a concise and structured fashion so clients can make a confident, informed decision.

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