Stakeholder Mapping, Assessment and Engagement

  • Background
    A client leading the development of a major infrastructure project in Sub-Saharan Africa engaged Veracity to gauge political risks associated with a long-term engagement in the country in question, map key government stakeholders associated with the project, and develop a stakeholder-engagement strategy.
  • Action
    Veracity conducted a wide-ranging set of interviews with over 25 key stakeholders and other sources to understand the political context surrounding the project. Veracity mapped the project stakeholders, their relative influence, and their position toward the project and the client. Veracity identified the key advocates and opponents among the stakeholders and, based on their particular motivations, identified avenues for the client to pursue in its engagement efforts. In several appropriate cases, Veracity brokered introductions to stakeholders and coached the client on appropriate engagement strategies in real-time.
  • Results
    This approach armed the client with extensive high-value contextual information, ensured that the client reached the key decision-makers at the first attempt, and that relationships developed on a sound and positive footing. This engagement laid the foundation for the client’s successful engagement in the country.
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