ESG Intelligence and Advisory

Clients leverage ESG Intelligence and Advisory to inform a broad range of strategic aims, sustainability practices, and responsible business efforts.

Veracity’s ESG Intelligence and Advisory practice supports:

  • Impact Investing: Assess prospective investments, ensure values-oriented transactions are not undermined
  • Supply Chain Risk: Identify potential hotspots, independently assess third parties
  • ESG Policy Development: Appraise local conditions, ensure policies and local operations are aligned
  • Market-Specifics: Understand and track stakeholder expectations, political dynamics, and local context
  • ESG Performance: Independently assess firms’ actual ESG performance, beyond what’s in the public domain
  • Stakeholder Mapping: Inform engagement with communities, communications, public and government affairs strategy
  • Portfolio Company Engagement: Identify, address material issues; monitor, document, communicate progress

Relevant Case Studies