Political Risk Monitoring

Political context matters. Changes in government, shifts in policy, and/or the erosion of political stability can dramatically affect the profitability of investments or the viability of operations in overseas markets. Veracity offers highly tailored assessment and monitoring services — focusing on the specific interests of individual clients — to help identify and anticipate emerging risks in these areas. Building on these insights, we can also help clients to identify and engage with key stakeholders to resolve problems, maintain their social license to operate, and insulate themselves from political turbulence. On behalf of our clients, we:

  • Conduct comprehensive on-the-ground research to assess risks and challenges arising from political and social dynamics
  • Draw upon extensive human source networks to provide ongoing monitoring of emerging regulatory requirements, civil unrest, elections, or other issues of strategic interest
  • Develop profiles of key individual and group stakeholders — inside and outside of government — and assess their disposition towards client activities
  • Formulate engagement strategies based on stakeholders’ interests and their position in formal and informal decision-making structures

Relevant Case Studies