Geopolitical and Market Intelligence

To assist clients considering entry into, or expansion in, emerging or complex markets, our team identifies and analyzes risks that might impact their decisions through stakeholder mapping, political analysis, evaluation of potential corruption risk, and assessment of any potential impediments to the regulatory approval process. Our inputs help clients develop viable commercial strategies. Our analysis will cover:

  • Current national, regional, and local political dynamics , including the risk of political instability and the predictability and transparency of government actions
  • Key leadership figures and their attitudes towards the relevant sector, including attitudes toward the Client’s home country (ie. Dubai ports, Chinese investments in Australia)
  • Emerging government policies and legislation that may impact the relevant sector or the Client’s interests
  • Business and operational challenges, including local-level corruption, permitting delays, and changing fiscal or legal regimes
  • Reputational risks in investment destination and, if applicable, destination market for the new investment’s production.
  • Labor and land issues, including work force capacity, NGO or civil society activities, and the local population’s perceptions of the sector generally
  • Provenance of relevant licenses, targeted due diligence of partner company’s reputation and political connectivity
  • Due diligence component focused on co-investors
  • Recommendations on project structuring strategy (focused on risks and respective mitigation for each stage of investment), as well as political/regulatory timing for market entry
  • Provide analysis of how countries determine tender processes, land rights, and other vital bid procedures
  • Provide counter-party and supply chain due diligence

Relevant Case Studies