Litigation Support, Dispute Resolution, Asset Tracing

In any dispute, getting the right information early on can mean the difference between success and failure. Through superior research capabilities, unparalleled access to information from opaque and hard-to-reach places, powerful analysis, and strategic thinking, Veracity’s Dispute Resolution team provides you with the information advantage you need to craft the optimal legal strategy and achieve your objectives.

Our services are tailored to assist clients throughout the lifecycle of a dispute, and our in-house legal knowledge allows us to understand and effectively respond to client needs at every stage. We exercise the greatest discretion and always act with our client’s reputation in mind. Veracity respects the laws of all countries where we operate, and strictly upholds the highest ethical and professional codes of conduct.

We have worked with the litigation and arbitration practices of top-tier law firms in New York, Washington, London, Paris, and Hong Kong on behalf of resource, telecoms, industrial, and financial services clients as well as sovereign governments.

  • Fact Gathering & Issue Identification: Extracting reliable information from opaque places requires deep understanding. We obtain the facts you need and vet the ones you have in order to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Witness Development & Evidence Collection: Moving out of the world of rumor and into the world of law can be challenging. We help you find the most high-value information and individuals to transform intelligence into action. Accessing admissible documentary evidence in a way respectful of national laws and professional ethics requirements
  • Settlement Strategy & Judgment Enforcement Assistance: In the world of complex litigation, it often takes more than legal arguments to come out ahead. We give you the tools you need to strengthen your leverage and work with you to get the result you want.

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