Pre-Investment Due Diligence

Veracity’s Pre-Investment Due Diligence services help investors make informed decisions and navigate unforeseen risks when considering a capital commitment. We enable our clients to:

  • Safeguard their organization’s reputation and enhance the value of their investments
  • Identify and mitigate unforeseen deal and operational hazards, and proactively develop tailored, actionable strategies to address potential pitfalls
  • Maintain situational awareness on commercial, political, and stakeholder dynamics that could impact investments
  • Make informed decisions by recognizing and assessing risk during strategic planning and corporate analysis
  • Identify and anticipate moves of key competitors, locally and globally
  • Identify key government officials and relevant industry stakeholders
  • Monitor governments’ perception of clients
  • Anticipate regulatory decisions and impact
  • Track political and economic instability
  • Assess counter-party corruption exposure, breaches of FCPA and the UK’s Bribery Act, and any violations of laws or international sanctions

Relevant Case Studies