Strategic IPR Advisory Services in Advanced Manufacturing

  • Background
    A high-tech manufacturing company retained Veracity to provide strategic advice to assist the firm in a major intellectual property dispute in China.
  • Action
    Veracity assessed the role of government ministries, officials, and various vested interests in the development of the client’s particular sector, identifying key beneficiaries of several state owned enterprises. Veracity helped the сlient to craft and implement a strategic engagement plan, targeting Chinese government officials and US interlocutors, and to identify media outlets to help facilitate a favorable outcome. Veracity supported the client in-country, drafting key messages for use in communications with high-level Chinese government bodies and preparing the client for meetings with key government officials.
  • Results
    The сlient engaged its counterparties from an informed position and was able to identify previously unknown or poorly understood strategic risks during legal settlement and business negotiations.
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