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Understand and navigate political challenges. Avoid corruption. Make critical business decisions with confidence.

What We Have Done

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More Than Investigators

  • A European conglomerate needed to investigate allegations of fraud perpetrated by its agents in the Middle East, South Asia, and China.

Market Entry Support and Advisory Services in Myanmar

  • A major Western investor engaged Veracity to conduct a comprehensive review of corruption risks and other challenges in Myanmar in preparation for a major investment in the country. The review covered pre-investment risks, such as a detailed assessment of how a particular tender process worked and of areas of the process prone to corruption, as well as post-investment risks.

Political Risk in the Middle East

  • A defense sector client engaged Veracity to assess the political and corruption risks related to partnering with a UAE company with high-level government contacts and a controversial history.

Strategic Advisory Services in China

  • A high-tech manufacturing company retained Veracity to provide strategic advice to assist the firm in a major intellectual property dispute in China.

Political Monitoring in Africa

  • Senior executives at a leading energy firm required information to help anticipate local political and regulatory shifts that could impact their $5 billion-plus investment in an African country. The client maintained a substantial in-country risk-management team but needed an independent perspective to cross reference and expand upon the insight provided by their team.

Anti-Corruption Due Diligence in South America

  • A hedge fund considering an investment in a South American forestry project was uncertain of the background and credibility of their potential partner who would serve as the local land broker and concession manager.