In the Media

  • Reuters October 19, 2023

    Mexico says Tesla factory still coming, vows infrastructure spending

    Veracity's CEO Jay Truesdale spoke with Reuters on Tesla's proposed factory in northern Mexico. He commented that Tesla suppliers looking to expand in Mexico are likely to keep moving ahead, noting that they are "making a 30-year bet, not a three-year bet." He added that even if Tesla's production in the country is not fully operational, suppliers will be producing electric vehicle components "that will have a global demand."

  • Wall Street Journal July 13, 2023

    Mexico’s Peso Surges to Strongest Level Since 2015

    Veracity’s CEO Jay Truesdale spoke with the The Wall Street Journal on the strong performance of the Mexican Peso over the last year. He stated that investors are looking beyond concerns about the investment climate and focusing on Mexico`s robust economic fundamentals, noting that "its structural at this point rather than short-term." Truesdale added that, compared to other emerging markets, Mexico has a low debt burden relative to the size of its economy.

  • Newsweek July 4, 2023

    Ukraine Crossing Dnieper River Would Be a Nightmare for Russia

    In this Newsweek article by Russian & Ukraine correspondent Brendan Cole, Veracity Worldwide CEO Jay Truesdale discussed the potential implications should Ukrainian forces successfully cross the Dnieper river. He noted that "the (Russian) MOD's weighing in on tactical events demonstrates how significant potential losses are for the Russian military's morale and logistics", and highlighted how important this is in light of Wagner's recent rebellion."

  • Barron`s July 3, 2023

    NATO Wants to Project Strength. Its Internal Dynamics Remain Brittle.

    Commentary by Veracity Worldwide CEO Jay Truesdale on expectations for the Vilnius NATO summit were published as a separate feature by Barron’s. The piece outlines the key themes that will likely dominate discussion and assesses the state of NATOs internal dynamics. Truesdale notes that there is agreement among allies and partners on resisting Russian influence, defending democracies globally, and countering emerging challenges in the Indo-Pacific. Debate continues, however, on what security guarantees should be given to Ukraine, and the status of NATO’s newest ally, Sweden.

  • Newsweek June 24, 2023

    Wagner Rebellion Eyes Moscow As Putin’s Grip on Power Threatened

    In this Newsweek article by Russian & Ukraine correspondent Brendan Cole, Veracity Worldwide CEO Jay Truesdale discussed the implications of Wagner's rebellion. He noted that Wagner was able to advance towards Moscow because the Russian army's best units are deployed in Ukraine, and that "Putin has relatively limited conventional and special operations forces to deploy for the purposes of a civil conflict."

  • POLITICO Europe June 24, 2023


    POLITICO Europe ran a piece featuring insights from Veracity Worldwide CEO Jay Truesdale, formerly a U.S. diplomat in Ukraine and Russia, on Wagner Group’s armed rebellion. Jay noted that Russia’s armed forces were unable to deal with the immediate threat from Wagner “because the best members of its armed forces are deployed or suffered casualties in Ukraine.”