In the Media

  • January 4, 2023

    Ukraine Intel Boss Warns Putin: Brace for ‘Deeper and Deeper’ Strikes in Russia

    In this The Daily Beast piece by national security reporter Shannon Vavra, Veracity Worldwide CEO Jay Truesdale provides extensive insight and analysis on why alleged Ukrainian attacks should be seen as distinct from those by Russia against Ukraine. Jay notes that while Russia has targeted civilians and cities, Ukraine has fought in self-defense and targeted only military or dual-use facilities, suggesting that Ukraine is seeking to fight a "more just" war than Russia.

  • Wall Street Journal October 31, 2022

    Brazil’s President-Elect ‘Lula’ Promises Prosperity but Faces Economic Perils

    Veracity’s CEO Jay Truesdale spoke with the The Wall Street Journal on the impact for businesses of Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva's victory in Brazil’s presidential election. He stated that the new government needs to provide clarity on its economic strategy to reassure investors, both from abroad and within Brazil. Truesdale told the Journal that he expects agribusiness, timber, and mining, which received favorable treatment under Bolsonaro, to face particular increased scrutiny under Lula's new administration.

  • Financial Times October 19, 2022

    Making funding flows fair: Must ESG be bad news for emerging markets?

    In this Financial Times feature on ESG in emerging markets, Veracity Worldwide managing director Benjamin Weiss stressed the need for tailored on-the-ground insight to assess whether an investment meets commitments on labor practices and diversity issues. "Local considerations around those things are very different from one place to the next," he told the FT, so it is important to conduct thorough research when working in emerging markets.

  • Politico September 29, 2022

    Lessons of War

    Politico Global Insider’s Suzanne Lynch spoke with Veracity Worldwide’s CEO Jay Truesdale about multinationals still operating in Russia nearly seven months into the war with Ukraine. Jay noted these companies are predominantly headquartered in the 47 countries that either abstained or were absent from the vote to denounce Russia for its military action at the UN General Assembly in March. Those based in the US, Europe, or G7, meanwhile, largely pulled out of Russia, reflecting the geopolitical dimension of doing business today.

  • Barron`s September 21, 2022

    Putin Isn’t Backing Down. Ukraine Escalation Means More Pain for the Economy

    Veracity’s CEO Jay Truesdale spoke with Barron's about Vladimir Putin’s declaration on Wednesday that he would send even more troops to Ukraine. Jay noted that Putin has calculated that a "cold, dark winter [without Russian gas] will be enough to focus minds" and splinter Europe’s opposition. Moreover, as the Russian president continues to downplay the invasion as a "special military operation," Jay suggested that Putin could further mobilize Russian society by "calling it what it is, which is an act of war."

  • The Wall Street Journal September 12, 2022

    US seeks to bring Mexico on board with plans for chips, clean energy

    Veracity CEO Jay Truesdale spoke with the Wall Street Journal in September 2022 about stunted efforts to integrate Mexican and US supply chains in the transition to renewable energy. Truesdale noted that while opportunities abound, President López Obrador’s views on private energy companies have thus far limited their potential and viability.