Veracity CEO Steven Fox was a guest lecturer at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he lectured and led discussions in both graduate and undergraduate classes on the subject of corporate diplomacy and due diligence. This was the fourth time Steven traveled to the school to speak with students about these themes.

Ivanhoe’s Congo Success Follows Deals with Kabila’s Brother

Veracity CEO Steven Fox was quoted today in a Bloomberg article about Ivanhoe Mines’ operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The article investigated the company’s success in the country and its repeated dealings with companies controlled by one of President Joseph Kabila’s brothers, also a sitting member of parliament. Steven commented on the importance of knowing who’s behind businesses a company is contracting or trading with when working in complex markets such as Congo. Ivanhoe’s Congo Success Follows Deals With Kabila’s Brother.

Fear the secret agent less than the accountant

Veracity appeared by name in a Financial Times article published in-print and online today regarding the business intelligence industry. Veracity is named as a consultancy that specializes in helping companies identify and leverage critical information in deciding whether to buy a company or enter partnership with individuals or entities in opaque markets. Fear the secret agent less than the accountant