Fear the secret agent less than the accountant

Veracity appeared by name in a Financial Times article published in-print and online today regarding the business intelligence industry. Veracity is named as a consultancy that specializes in helping companies identify and leverage critical information in deciding whether to buy a company or enter partnership with individuals or entities in opaque markets. Fear the secret agent less than the accountant


Veracity CEO Steven Fox visited the Harvard Business School, where he led a case study on political risk factors relating to a proposed investment in Myanmar in a class titled Risk Management for Corporate Leaders. This was the third time Steven visited the school to lead classes on similar themes.

VietJet delays Southeast Asia IPO plans

Veracity Associate Linh Nguyen appeared in a Financial Times article on Vietnamese low-cost airline VietJet’s planned IPO. Linh stressed the importance of winning the support of the Vietnamese government for any large company looking to be successful in the country. VietJet delays Southeast Asia IPO plans.