Top Washington Lawyer Cleared Unaoil In Anti-Corruption Report

Veracity CEO Steven Fox was featured as an anti-corruption and due-diligence expert in an April 2016 Huffington Post article about a prominent Washington lawyer’s professional ties to Unaoil, a Monaco-based oil company accused of engaging in a multi-million-dollar, “industrial scale bribery operation.” Top Washington Lawyer Cleared Unaoil In Anti-Corruption Report.


In this Veracity Insight, Associate Director and Legal Counsel Barbara Yu Levy explains the heightened risks and attendant scrutiny investors are likely to face when working with opaque intermediaries. Building on her previous Insight, “Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Investigating Shell Companies and Their Agents,” Barbara discusses additional corporate structures that may also be used to hide assets or engage in illegal or unethical activities, such as shelf companies and special purpose vehicles, and highlights the importance of conducting thorough due diligence to protect one’s investment and reputation. Faceless Companies, Hidden Owners — Lessons from the Panama Papers.

Brazil Scenarios: Road to Recovery, or “Dead Man’s Bounce”?

In this Veracity Insight, Keith Martin and Christian Perlingiere discuss the implications of the turmoil in Brazil and the potential political scenarios in the coming months. The piece asserts that, regardless of how President Rousseff fares in the end, there is significant potential upside for investors. Veracity’s consistent assessment that Brazil has entered a new era of transparency and accountability that will inevitably benefit the business community in the long run continues to hold true. Brazil Scenarios: Road to Recovery, or “Dead Man’s Bounce”?